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Florida Travel Guide

Planning your vacation

Any vacation should be properly planned—from determining the best travel time to the travel itinerary to the costs and payment options. As far as the weather is concerned, Florida has mild to very warm temperatures year-round—the Sunshine State truly lives up to its name.

For your convenience, this section contains a lot of helpful Florida travel information, so you can start gathering information and dreaming about your vacation in the Sunshine State. Besides information on the current weather conditions, city maps and information on southwestern Florida beaches, we also provide links to Florida web cams as well as pictures, to help you get into the right mood for your upcoming Florida vacation.

Important travel information for Cape Coral / southwestern Florida

Climate and average temperatures:
Summer (June to mid-September):
Air temperature: 86°–95° F (30°–35° C)
Water temperature: 79°–86° F (26°–30° C)

Afternoon showers and a refreshing breeze ensure pleasant conditions. Showers usually last for a maximum of 30 minutes, and then the sun comes back out. Florida has, after all, more than 345 days of sunshine per year!

Spring, fall and winter:
Air temperature: 77°–86° F (25°–30° C)
Water temperature: 73°–82° F (23°–28° C)

In winter, evening and overnight lows can reach 59°–65° F (15°–18° C) But even in winter, water temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico usually don't fall below 68° F (20° C).

What to wear:
Due to the warm Florida climate, light clothing is usually adequate during the day. During the winter months, however, it can get quite chilly and we recommend packing a sweater or a light jacket.

Dining and Grocery Shopping
Supermarkets are just a few minutes away, and provide anything from staples to comfort foods and are usually open 24/7.

If you prefer to dine out, Florida offers a rich culinary variety. You can choose between American, French, German, Italian, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese cuisine as well as from a variety of seafood and steak houses.

If you really miss your local fare, just stop by one of the many bakeries, delis or butchers in Florida.

Shopping centers are just a few minutes away. With 135 shops, Edison Mall is the biggest shopping center in Fort Myers, so don't miss out on an expansive shopping spree.

Modern medical offices and hospitals are located right in Cape Coral.

110V AC. A travel adapter for the United States is highly recommended.

U.S. dollars. Travelers will need a credit card. Credit cards are accepted almost anywhere as a non-cash means of payment. Visitors will also need a credit card to rent a car. All major credit cards (Master Card, Visa, etc.) are accepted.

We also recommend bringing some Travelers' checks and small amounts of cash for tips, as well as a stack of quarters for unmanned bridge toll booths. Euro checks are almost unknown and will usually not be accepted.

Taxes (usually 6–10%) are applied to all purchases and restaurant bills.

Important tip: Since waiters in the United States earn fairly low wages, a tip of 15-20% is appropriate and expected in bars and restaurants.

Travel insurance:
A general travelers insurance and an international medical insurance for the duration of your trip are recommended.

Fort Myers International Airport is about a 20- to 30-minute drive from most locations. Several airlines offer flights from major international airports to Fort Myers (RSW), Tampa, Orlando or Miami. A rental car is an absolute must in the United States and should be booked ahead of time (valid driver's license required).