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St. Augustine

St. Augustine-the Oldest City in the United States

St. Augustine, located at the East coast of Florida, was founded 1565 by Spanish sailors and is the oldest city in the United States. It was founded 55 years before the first pilgrims landed in Plymouth on the Mayflower.

The gigantic masonry fort "Castillo de San Marcos" that dates back to the year 1672 is well worth a visit.

In addition, St. Augustine is home to the oldest wooden school house, which was built in the 18th century, and the oldest house in the United States, which dates back to 1702. Another attraction is the former Ponce de Leon Hotel that was built by tycoon Henry M. Flagler and now houses Flagler College.

During a tour through St. Augustine's picturesque Spanish Quarter Village, you can discover seven buildings re-created from a garrison town of the mid 1800's. The garrison buildings provide an insight into the plain and rather Spartan way of life at that time. The shops in the small alleyways of St. Augustine invite you to hunt for souvenirs.

Guides in historic costumes showcase and explain the use of some antiquated household items, as well as the difficult working conditions under which the most basic items, such as clothing, were manufactured at the time.

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