Diving at Key Largo (Scuba Fun)

Another world awaits you...

How can you truly explore the world when over two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by water? The answer is Diving, and we can help get you there. We are Scuba-Fun, a premier scuba diving training facility in Key Largo. We are dedicated to helping you become a safe and proficient diver and to help you further develop your diving skills with additional training.

We work in a multitude of specialties: basic diving, open water diving, deep water diving, underwater rescue, navigation, photography, wreck diving, search and recovery, even drysuit ... you name it. If there is a dive specialty we can help teach you, be it beginner or advanced, then contact us and we will show you a world like no other.

Unlike traditional dive shops, Scuba-Fun offers flexibility. We assist a variety of people from all walks of life and skill levels with exactly the right training at exactly the right time. Our team will quickly learn your goals, needs, resources and constraints, then tailor a dive training solution that works best for you.

We also go beyond just teaching you to dive. We support a wide variety of local activities and encourage our fellow divers to participate and explore the numerous attractions that are available throughout the Florida Keys.

Scuba-Fun was founded with a vision of becoming a full-service dive training provider. Whether working with a group, or with you just one-on-one, our fundamental goal is to put your diving dream into motion.

Diving at Key Largo

Diving at Key Largo with Scuba Fun
Diving at Key Largo with Scuba Fun
Diving at Key Largo with Scuba Fun
Diving at Key Largo with Scuba Fun
Diving at Key Largo with Scuba Fun
Diving at Key Largo with Scuba Fun
Diving at Key Largo with Scuba Fun
Diving at Key Largo with Scuba Fun

Our dive sites:

Depth Range: Shallow to 100 feet Experience Level: Novice to Advanced An exceptionally beautiful site, the ever popular reef is crammed full of caves, canyons, ledges, tunnels and swim-throughs. French Reef is home to innumerable fish species.

Depth Range: Shallow to 40 feet Experience Level: Novice to Intermediate Reigns as the world's most popular dive site. The reef comprises a classic spur and groove system which begins near the surface and falls of gradually to a depth of 55 ft. It is washed by the Gulf Stream, so visibility is usually excellent. Impressive concentrations of marine flora and fauna cover just about the entire tropical reef spectrum.

Depth: 25 feet Experience Level: Snorkeler or Novice The Christ Statue was cast in Italy and donated to the Underwater Society of America by Egidi Cressi, an Italian industrialist and diving equipment manufacturer. It is a 9 foot tall bronze duplicate of the Christ of the Abysses statue, which stands in 50 feet of water off Genoa, Italy. Set in a beautiful reef area known for its outstanding brain corals, the figure of Christ stands silhouetted against the blue waters of the ocean, His arms upraised to the surface. We seldomly dive this site, but snorkeling trips are available daily.

Depth Range: 50 feet offshore, 20 feet inshore Experience Level: Novice to Intermediate An English built cargo vessel lost in a tragic chain of events in 1942. The Benwood rests on a level expanse of sand. Its fractured stern lies at a depth of 25 feet, while its bow points offshore at a depth of 45 feet. The bow section looms up out of the sand, in contrast with the rest of the ship which is almost wholly submerged.

Depth Range: 60-130 feet Experience Level: Advanced to Expert This world-famous artificial reef was until recently the biggest wreck in the world sunk especially for divers. The wreck is upright and 510 feet long and 84 feet wide. Most of the openings have been widened and secured with lines, so that advanced divers can easily do a variety of exciting swim-throughs with daylight. For "pros", the wreck offers lots of additional possibilities.

Depth Range: 50-130 feet Experience Level: Advanced to Expert Twin 327' coast guard cutters were painstakingly sunk in 1987 as part of an artificial reef program sponsored by the Keys Association of Dive Operators. The Duane, more frequently dived because of her depth, lies upright with a slight list to starboard at a depth of about 100 ft. The Bibb overturned while sinking and lies on her starboard side; you will begin to reach the ship's exterior at a depth of 95 ft. Both ships are a equally rewarding dive with a fascinating history.


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