Everglades Manatee Eco Tour

Close to Everglades National Park, approximately 30 minutes from Naples, Ellen and Gary Eichler's company “Double R's” offers manatee eco tours.

The 2.5-hour boat tour starts at Port of the Islands Marina, which was built in the 1950s. The tour follows the course of a channel through the Everglades until it reaches the "Ten Thousand Islands" and finally flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

The tour starts at a slow pace through the "manatee zone" that the tour guide heads for right at the beginning. In these mangrove-lined shallow waters you can experience manatees in their natural habitat.

The tour continues through a tranquil section of the Everglades, past mangroves, where a variety of animals such as alligators or several species of tropical birds can be observed.

When something interesting comes up, the tour guide positions or stops the boat, so passengers can take photographs. The tour guide also provides interesting information about local wildlife and the Everglades.

Next, you pass through the wilderness of the "Ten Thousand Islands" at a rapid pace until you reach the Gulf of Mexico, where curious dolphins may swim alongside the boat.

The boat passes islands with deserted white sand beaches, where the tour guide will stop upon request to offer passengers an opportunity to explore the surroundings.

The tour is a unique experience, since visitors can watch manatees, alligators, dolphins and rare tropical birds in their natural habitat.

Manatee Eco-Tour Everglades, Florida

Manatee Zone at Port of the Everglades, Florida
Alligator at Port of the Everglades, Florida
Wildlife at Port of the Everglades, Florida
Dolphin at Port of the Everglades, Florida
Double Rs at Port of the Everglades, Florida


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