Stump Pass Beach State Park

If you are looking for a beautiful beach or park off the beaten track, Stump Pass Beach State Park is right for you. This small promontory constitutes the southern end of Manasota Key in Englewood.

The Englewood community is located right at the Gulf of Mexico at Port Charlotte and is accessible via a few quiet side roads (see map below).

The entrance fee to Stump Pass Beach State Park is only $3 (as of January 2017) and includes not only a parking spot at the beach, but also the use of the well-maintained restrooms and showers.

From the parking lot, a romantic and shaded wooden pathway through lush vegetation leads directly to the beach.

Park information boards provide detailed descriptions of the local flora and fauna.

Both sides of the cape are very calm and quiet. The long stretch of beach facing the Gulf of Mexico is perfect for swimming or for taking a walk along the beach.

The mainland-facing part of Stump Pass Beach State Park is still quite natural and untouched. Locals use the river to navigate to open waters. On weekends, the state park is busy with sailing and boating enthusiasts, waverunners and water-skiers. During the week, however, the atmosphere is very calm and relaxed.

Just like most Florida state parks, Stump Pass Beach is an ideal place for picnics.

For those who'd rather top off their day at the beach with a visit to one of the small waterfront restaurants, we recommend a visit to “White Elephant Pub” (located right at the access path to the beach). The food and the prices are great; the atmosphere is cozy and relaxed.

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